What drugs next

Lately my left leg is feeling so tight and heavy I don’t know which way to go regards medication I can’t take gabapentin or pre gabaline have also tried Baclafen but that made me feel Ill so where do I go next I am taking anatriptoline and just codeine and paracetamol the reason for this is I am having to take warfarin life time as I have had two DVT as if the MS wasn’t enough I’m so tired I can fall asleep in the chair at a drop ofahat yet when Igbo to bed I ant sleep, I take my meds at night as they make me sleepy The only other thing I Amon is beta interferon but even that I’m not sure if that’s working and I don’t get on with the injections Any ideas to help

Do you think you’re giving the meds long enough before giving up on them? It can take 3-4 weeks on some of them before side effects wear off. If you’ve gone for longer than that, or if you’ve had a bad reaction to them, then fair enough of course!

The main alternative to baclofen is tizanidine. If that doesn’t suit, then the usual alternative is sativex, if you can get it. Pregabalin and gabapentin are normally used as neuropathic painkillers. Were they prescribed for your leg or for pain / sensory problems? It sounds like you need an appointment with your MS nurse to review your symptoms and what meds you need. Why not give her/him a ring? (You could maybe also ask to try amantadine, for fatigue.)

Beta-interferon does not usually make existing symptoms better; it reduces the number of relapses that we have. If you are having problems with the injections, then maybe you could try a different method of injecting or even a different DMD?

Please give your nurse a ring (and keep ringing and leaving messages, if all you get is an answerphone!).

Karen x

Hi and sorry to intrude on your post, un related to helping you i’m afraid but as i am also in alot of pain i was just wondering the reason for not being able to take gabapentin or pre-gabaline. The reason i ask is i am also on warfarin lifelong and as not dx yet am curious after reading your post. Thanks sonia. x

Tizanidine is definitely worth a try if Baclofen makes you feel dreadful. I have found that it really helps with tight painful leg muscles. Start on a really low dose and build up slowly to find the right dose, just like Baclofen it can relax all your muscles so take too much and you turn into a rag doll. It can also make you really sleepy if you are on too high a dose. Yoga or any other kind of stretching can really also help with tight leg muscles.