medication that doesn't take the feet from you

presently on lyrica have tried all the usual suspects gabapetin etc. but the side effects are flooring me is there any treatments that side effects are minimal?

Hi Trish

Am on pregablin and others but this morning I tried something that did take my feet from me.

Cider and cheap brandy and my feet just flew and I now have a bruised back and butt with a cut and bloody leg.

Happy new year


Hi Trish

I haven.t tried Pregabalin, but have been taking Gabapentin for a couple of months and Baclofen for several months to help with spasticity. So far no improvement, in fact I have continued to steadily worsen and recently my walking has become very much worse. I am starting to wonder if this another side effect. I understand this is a known effect of Baclofen but not sue if this is also true of Gabapentin or other drugs.

Have you thought about asking for Sativex, I know some people have had good results with this althoiugh my GP practice will not precsribe it.

Wishing you a happy new year


Re sativex, you can obtain it privately from emed and yes, it might be worth a go. I have to say, it helps me a bit with stiffness and very much with tight legs. I don’t have pain so can’t comment on that. However,I can’t take too much or it really would floor me. On occasions, when I have taken more than I should (not overdosed, just more than I can tolerate) I am left giggling, rolling about laughing, very high. However, it is better than anything else I have taken and may be worth you trying. Cheryl:)

I’m just wondering what kind of side affects your having I’ve been taking baclofen for over 4 years with no problems I just couldn’t manage without it.

I’ve been having problems with a very cold and sore right foot for almost 5 years till I was talking to a friend how told me about Gabapentin I seen my MS nurse who said I could try it and see It doesnt work for everyone It has worked for me for the first time in all those years my foot feels normal so far I haven’t felt any side affects.

Mark x


Nortryptalin its a second generation of Amatriptalyn (which used to floor me).

I use Gabapentin for my main pain killer with the Nortyptalin for brake through pain at night.

I use Neurontin, which is a brand of Gabapetin which works for me, the basic Gabapentin from the NHS didn’t work for me, evidently it has more active ingrediance.


thanks all for your replies. Feel with taking Lyrica that it does help with the pain but the fact it hits my mobility, it is also starting to affect my thought process my family have told me things and I don’t remember. The MS nurse says you maybe allegric to a lot of medicines but doctor a tad more truthful saying they have a lot more side effects. But hopefully get an opinion from the neurologist on the 17th, also feel as if the MS nurse is going through a checklist but the problem is getting a hold of her when they are not working

Just wondering how long you’ve been on pregabalin? It took about a month for my side effects to wear off. It was worth it in the end - it works really well for me now.

Karen x


been on it since the middle of november and durng this time have fallen 4 times and i never usually fall, i have also reduced the dosage seems it brings more side effects that assistance,