medication that doesn't take the feet from you

presently on lyrica have tried all the usual suspects gabapetin etc. but the side effects are flooring me is there any treatments that side effects are minimal?

Hi Trish, if there is, I haven't found them. Will watch your responses with interest... but I think us PPMSers haven't got a whole lot of choices.

Of course there is LDN. If you don't know anything about it, look on a website called the LDN research trust. Some people swear by it. Haven't tried it myself.

Pat x

hi trish


use LDN but only take 2mg a day it used to work with the fatique but this stuff is wiping out any good of any other stuff I am taking like multi vitamins.

My own doctor says she calls them the dirty medicine as the group they belong to  gabapentin have lots of side effects.

Yes I know we are in the group that nothing seems to work, again had to explain this to my sister-in-laws friend , she was under the impression  that vitamin D was the answer to all our prayers, having to explain I was one of these health nuts who included them in my diet well before they where fashionable. Oh dear there i go on my rant again. I have an appointment foer the neurologist on the 17th see what she says

Hi folks

Lyrica is better than Gabapentin - for me!  You know there's a but coming BUT they have all managed to 'floor me' 'knock me for 6' here's another BUT they are better than nothing!  I've tried nothing and with Progressive MS we need the best 'they' have at the moment...  Is that a hopeful.... 

LDN didn't work for me and neither did Sativex AND yet I still have a hopeful....

Take care, M