What do walking difficulties feel like for you?

Previously, I was only aware of RRMS, but after recently finding out about PPMS I suspect that it could possibly be the cause of my symptoms I’ve been dealing with for five years and plan to bring it up at my next neurology appointment.

So, I’m just wondering - how do walking difficulties present for you? As I’ve read that this is often one of the first signs of PPMS.

For me, I was on holiday when my symptoms first started - I suddenly felt a tight, cramping pain in my calves which made it difficult for me to move my legs and walk. This has gradually deteriorated to the point where I can barely walk for 30 seconds or bend over because my calves are so tight. I’m unsure if this is spasticity, but I now take Baclofen, which helps.

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Hi kimmykim

Walking difficulties for me include some of the following: Stiffness in left hip and quad; spasticity in left quad, calf and foot; left foot drop; when I first get up from sitting, the stiffness is worse and gradually loosens up a bit; altered gait to compensate for stiffness in left leg, i look like I’ve just come ashore from 6 months at sea (rolling gait like a sailor); intermittent balance issues that combined with the stiffness cause falls from time to time.

With me it began with dropped foot. After walking for a time my left foot would drop and I was dragging my left leg. I’d be fine after a rest but the recovery times were getting longer and the distance I could walk shorter. That was 18 years ago. I can’t walk at all now, I can’t raise either leg from the hip but I can still weight bear to transfer

General coordination and strength issues that cause Fight or Flight, plus I now live with PoTS and regularly drop to the floor.

I have RRMS: my walking this year though has been particularly difficult.
It’s mainly weakness, I need to hoist the leg from the hip and swing through when I walk; knees just won’t flex.
Also, loss of coordination, I frequently trip over my other leg.
I developed an odd toe-heel gait earlier this year; physiotherapy has helped fix it but, I notice I slip back into toe-heal if I’m fatigued.

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Yep. That MS hip-swing - I do it too.