What do I do now?

Well c spine MRI came back negative except for slipped discs from c2-c7 and cyst at c7. Neuro says it normal. So GP says continue on amitriptyline and increase to 30mg a night. Will I have to take these forever? Have a symptoms of shooting pains in head, behind left eye, legs. Twitching and restless legs which drives me nuts. Pins and needles in both hands, IBS has come back. Sore eyes with blurred vision, today I feel stiff in my legs and knees hurt, across back is very sore feel like I have been hit with a piece of 2x3! Neck sore too. Apart from that fine! Beginning to think I’m going nuts and pain reduces me to tears, so fed up with this and am starting to think that my GP must think I’m making it up. Even neuro commented on how thim my file was. Sorry to keep moaning on but at 45 don’t think it’s just getting older?! Had two episodes of being unable to move and don’t want it to come back. Thanx