What could the out come of my follow up appointment be?

My MRI showed two foci of high signal changes adjacent to left frontal horn with morphology of demyelination. These two lesions are consistent with demyelination according to the letter. My LP was fine. It would really help if I could go to the appointment with some expectation of what he will say. Im expecting not to get any answer for why I have demyelination as the LP was clear and to maybe get another appointment in 6 months to a year? I don’t want to come out feeling disappointed.

Hi, I’m sorry I really can’t answer just bumping you up so someone else might see to help, Chis x

The lesions are periventricular (next to the ventricles) which is a classic place for demyelination, but although there are two, they are effectively in the same place for diagnosis which means you are short one location to meet the dissemination in space criterion for MS. The LP being clear doesn’t really say much as some MSers don’t have a positive LP, but it does make MS less likely.

If this is the only attack you’ve ever had and they’ve ruled out other causes, I would bet on you being told CIS and that, because your LP is clear, the chances of you developing MS are better than 50/50, i.e. that this may be the only attack you ever have. Of course, I’m neither a neuro nor know your history, so I could be way off(!), but I think your expectation of no real answers is probably spot on. Sorry.

Karen x

Thanks. What is CIS? I’m more than happy not to get a diagnosis of MS as I won’t have to inform the DVLA. I think the worst part is the 50/50 in that I could get it, so will always have that hanging over me.

CIS - clinically isolated episode of sclerosis. some patients never ever develop new symptoms others ddevelop another episode - hence multiple sclerosis.

It’s frustrating as it’s all a waiting game almost.



Thanks. Only 5 more days left after a 5 month long process!