what could cause hand paralysis?

My left hand went almost completley paralysed the other week. I could not lift my fingers or spread them, grasp anything, hold a pen. All I could do was half-close my hand.

I had lots of shooting pains down my arm and through my hand just before this happened. It passed within an hour. but it has happened a number of occasions since.

Is that an MS thing or not at all? Is there something else that could cause this?

Hi, have you not sought medical advice about this? I would as it could be quite serious.


Helo anon

I don’t know if your diagnosed but this sounds spinal related…which needs neuro referral. Best to se your gp.

Take care x


I’m just waiting for my MRI results like so many on here.

I did see my GP and told her about it, she pulled a horrified face and said that it must be very scary for me- she suspects MS, but she didn’t want to do anything as I’m getting my results soon anyway.

Don’t know what else this could be - I’m only 20.

Hi anon, It could be something straight forward as a pinched nerve at the elbow too, but hopefully your MRI may show this up if it is indeed spinal. Good luck

That wasn’t very professional of your gp was it anon. She is supposed to be supporting you. If you’ve had an MRI, my guess is you must have had other neuro type symptoms.

Could be any number of neuro conditions, not necessarily ms, so best to wait for results anon.

Its tough for you being only 20, I hope you have plenty of support.

Take care

hi there, my right hand has been in paralysis for 4 weeks now. finally I am due to start steroids tomorrow. This happened once before when I was 17 and it lasted 8 months. I really hope it doesn’t last this long again. I hope you spoke to your gp.