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I just need to get this down in order to feel some relief…At work today when writing an email my left hand suddenly started to shake uncontrollably, never happened before and I couldn´t make my hand write what I wanted it to…I also became tired like peasoup in my head…my hand kept doing this in a certain position and after about half an hour stopped. I also felt unstable when walking…I contacted my neurologist and spoke to the nurse there but as usual the response is we have to wait and see til you have your next scheduled MRI…which is in March… They call my symptoms diffuse and that they don’t know what to do because there’s nothing they can do they keep telling me…I feel like I’m going insane…what’s wrong with me…I know that nobody can answer that question and noone has to but I’m so scared what will happen after the next MRI if there are no new lesions in characteristic places…will I be left in limbo the rest of my life and how do you cope with that. Worrying doesn’t help, I know that, but it’s so damn hard not to when you never get a break from weird symptoms that only I can feel and noone else can see…

Want to say thank you for this forum…It helps<3


Hi Penny

I don’t really have anything to offer you but sympathy. There’s no real answer to the problems you’re experiencing. And you can’t make neurologists move any faster than a snails pace unfortunately.

I will say that your hand shaking doesn’t sound like an MS thing, for the simple reason that it stopped fairly quickly after it started. And MS symptoms don’t tend to resolve that fast. Having said that, I’m a strong believer that MS does what the hell it wants to when it likes (and nor am I a neurologist!) so for all I know it could be.

I do hope you get an answer relatively soon. It is hell living in limbo so regardless of the solution, I know that it’s better than living with constant worry.


hi penny

it is awful that you have to wait for your mri before anything can be done.

if there’s one thing ms teaches us it is the need to be patient.

the worse thing is that you can tell that others think you’re making it up.

good luck

carole x

Thank you Sue and Carole! I know I should make friends with patience=) difficult though…