what age did you start experiencing symptoms?


I see people with PPMS talk about a moment when they decided to see a doctor and seek a diagnosis such as experiencing foot drop or optic neuritis but mention that they’d experienced symptoms for years before this. What age did you start experiencing MS like symptoms and what were they?

I think I started experiencing them when I was 20 maybe even earlier!

Hi Anon.

I was in my very early 20’s when I started with symptoms, I remember spending weeks in sick bday at college because I kept fainting, especially after a bath or shower. I was the joke in our group add being clumsy and a few times I got viruses they affected me so much worse than anyone I knew. I thought I was weak, pathetic, and a hypochondriac.

In my mid twenties I remember putting steroid drips up daily for a young woman the same age as me who’d just been diagnosed with ms and when she described her symptoms they were so familiar. That confirmed my hypochondria!!! People like me, registered nurses, don’t get serious illnesses like that.

I didn’t even consider ms again at all. In 2010 I had serious back pain, could barely walk, felt rotten, they put me on strong painkillers while we looked at treatment options and I was sent to physio who realised there was something seriously wrong after she did a full Neuro workup and sent me to a specialist. He had his nurse examine me, he came in and his first words were. Hi, I’m Dr … Surgeon and I think you’ve got ms. Go home and we’ll call you back for scans before referring you to neurobiology. I was 42.

I hope your experience and diagnosis weren’t quite that traumatic.

Cath x

I was 27 when my left-hand side went all numb and tingly. My answer was to do some power runs up the gargantuan Town Hall steps leading down to the promenade. It faded but I noticed that really intensive activity left my legs feeling floppy. In 1987, my right-hand side had a phase of spasms making my driving and piano playing interesting. By then I knew. Within a year of qualifying as a school teacher I was diagnosed so it dogged my dream job.

Best wishes.

I first noticed my symptoms about 2 yrs ago. It started with pins and needles in my fingers and next thing I know the shakes and body jerks! next loads of other weird symptoms which have gradually got worse. The worst thing for me would have to be the constant shakes. I started to wear wrist supports to calm it down by I am also getting a bit unsteady on my feet and have to use crutches when I feel really wobbly so I don’t fall over.