your first PPMS symptoms?

Hello! I’m new here and would love to hear what your first symptoms were and the pattern they came about in. Were there multiple symptoms? Did symptoms come and go or change? Or was it one main symptom that persisted and gradually got worse?

Hello Anon.

A big question. After playing squash or climbing in North Wales, my knees felt weak. I had bouts of numbness before gradually struggling to walk. It went to a foot drop. This was all over ten years before diagnosis in 1994.

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Hi. my first symptom was a weak right leg that felt fuzzy. Got told I probably had a squashed disc in my spine then told i had a weak ankle but it gradually got worse. Finally got to see a neurologist…first one said not to worry as it didnt look like ms, not that i had even considered it!!! Finally got a head and spine mri lessions found which led to a lumber puncture.Iwas diagnosed with ppms last november, about 9 years after my leg problems began. Over the last couple of years i have other symptoms like worsening fatigue, dizzy spells, weak bladder and a really painfull hug. I also walk with a stick now due to balance issues. I am 54 by the way. Karen.


I had optic neuritis in 2008 and, as that was clearing up,

A bit clumsy and prone to unexplained falls from around late 1990’s. Double vision in 2003 which sorted itself in about six months. 2004 dropped foot, increase in falls, occasional urge incontinence. Diagnosed 2006

My first symptom was numb patches on my one leg. I had 2 falls before this but always managed to find a reason but looking back that may have been the first or just coincidence.

Pam x