What a waste of time do Neuros read your Notes

Hi Went for my LP Yesterday and it never happend. A Locum neuro came from Nottingham to the hospital where i go went through my notes with me and said shall we go ahead then… I told him it is under X ray guidence he replied no . I told him had previous LP 7 years ago under Xray Guidence as i have a thethered spinal cord he said that this has not been ordered by my regular consulant. After many phone calls the poor Locum said that he will not do it incase he goes through the spinal cord and paralyse me. Why did my Regular Neuro not read notes whats wrong with them you put your trust in them if i had not said anything god knows what could of happend. Now got to wait again for another Apt this is all i seem to do is wait and wait and wait. Sorry about going on Lisa x