What a shower

It took a lot of time and courage to do it.

After having my Achilles heel heartlessly exposed with a blood infection, the path to some form of recovery has been plagued with falls and the subsequent crisis of confidence.

The old shower chair does not match the height of my new power char so transferring my sodden self back to the wheels involves a leap of faith. Until one day, whilst pummelling away on the sedentary bike in physio, I had the idea of using the redundant toilet frame. Bingo!

I love it when a plan comes together.



Well done Steve , the best ideas often come after a fall or another crisis . Frazer is really tuned into my needs these days and often my inability to do things inspires me to teach him new tricks . I quickly learned that he could manage to pick up very small items and give them back to me. I taught him to pick up my money when it falls out of my purse , he’s very good at it . Michelle and Frazer xx

Well done Steve. My life is made much easier using items not for the purpose they were invented, for example back brushes make great foot scrubbers. The proper foot brushes on the market moved when I tried one causing very painful bruised toes. It’s a fantastic feeling finding solutions to what seems like silly problems to healthy people. When it comes to safety or independence, anything goes!! Cath