What a lot of COBRAS



I was very surprised to find out that this Esperanza Neuropeptide (a treatment for MS that is a mouth spray) has something to do with Cobra Venom.  See


As some of you know I’ve been taking by subcutaneous injection once every other day for 30 years a fraction of 3 diluted; 1 part venom to 3000 parts saline solution the venoms of the Cobra, Krait and Pit Viper.  I am NOT recommending this treatment; I don’t know the exact figure but it costs a few thousand pounds to start the treatment then the cost for a new spray every 2 months.  My injection costs about £60 for 3 years supply.


Like any of these new treatments like CCSVI (the Liberation Treatment) and HST (Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation) a lot of research must be done by you.  The furore that something may work for you should be detached from the equation and only facts taken into consideration.


I do though feel we are all grown-up to make our own decision; just as the MSRC ethos; give us the information; we can then decide,