We've updated our website

We’ve made a few changes on our website.

We’ve refreshed our brand, so you’ll see our new vibrant colours, accessible font, and illustrations. You’ll also see this new look across our website, and social media platforms.

A big thank you to everyone from our MS community who helped with our refreshed look!

Let us know what you think and comment below.

I can’t actually read your post because it comes up as dark blue on black and is impossible to see let alone read!

The new vibrant colours introduced hurt my eyes - they are to bright for me :frowning_face: Plus the illustrations seem very child like too :frowning:

Not the only one. Find it disgusting offering a dark mode when they test it BEFORE an update. Whole unreadability could have been avoided by using a contrasting colour as default or by giving users the ability to pick text colour ourselves…Switch to light mode but I’m changing it back after posting as it’s disgusting and uncomfortable. Rather not bother logging in at all right now

Hi @BazzaBongo - thanks again for your feedback and we are sorry you were unable to use the dark mode feature.

This has now been resolved and you should now be able to view our forum using the dark mode feature. Please let me know if this isn’t the case. Marian (admin)

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi there - thank you for your comment. The dark mode feature has now been resolved and you should be able to use this function again. We’re very sorry you were unable to access this on our forum.

Hello Marian. My phone has started doing this (see screenshot). Any ideas?

I have the same issue

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Wow! I love it. Colours and rebranding are pretty cool. Just a suggestion. Can you make the fonts in the forums larger? Many of us struggle with our sight. Ta.

Dear Admins, it’s still doing the compression of the text into a narrow column as per screen shot. Any thoughts on how too fix, please?

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