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Our forum will soon look a little different.

Keep an eye out for upcoming changes and more information on what we’ve changed and why!


We’ve now made a few changes on the forum.

We’ve refreshed our brand, so you’ll see our new vibrant colours, accessible font, and illustrations.

A big thank you to everyone from our MS community who helped with our refreshed look!

Let us know what you think and comment using this link.


Dark mode makes comments unreadable. Dark bl;ue on a dark blue background doesn’t contrast the text to stand out. I’m having to highlight text so I can read it. Can we please get the option to choose what the Text colour.

Can’t read forum as background is black and writing is dark blue. Unable to use. Please sort out.

Ditto. And now I can’t even find how to change my background from black to blinding white. Who felt that the forum needed a new look and why?! Have you ever heard the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

Is anyone at MS Society sorting this problem out please?
I’ve also sent an email to them about this issue but not had any acknowledgement from them.
I will have to leave the forum until this is the problem is rectified.
It’s fine replying which is white text on a black background.

Try going into your profile and select preference, and then interface. This page should allow you to deselect a dark mode background.
Apologies if I am missing the point.

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Thank you so much Whammel your advice has solved my problem. My background is now white.
I wouldn’t have had a clue without your help. Cheers

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Yeah that works to circumvent the issue, however, it doesn’t fix it. Rather pointless to have a dark mode if can’t actually use. It’s like having a car with a brake pedal that does stop the car…ok rather drastic comparission but brain fog leaves me pondering a less drastic example at this time…

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I managed to get it to work. Then it reverted back to dark. Wasn’t there a film Back to Black? I hope the change sticks this time.
Didn’t we have the same problem after the previous reboot.
Brand given prominence over useability?

Much better, thanks