Forums new colour Scheme???

Not been here for awhile and now the entire place is unreadable when I login. Dark colour scheme = Dark blue writting meaning I can’t see anything without highlighting the entire page. Only option is to change dark theme baqck to the blinding white background which is horrible. Anyone else having the same issue and have a solution or is it just me?


Perhaps you could send in a comment?

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Hi @BazzaBongo - thank you for sharing this with us. We have recently updated our brand colours across our forum and website. I have passed your feedback on and will get back to you with an update as soon as I hear back. We’re really sorry this is affecting your user experience. Thanks again for feedbacking to us. Marian (admin)

I quite like it. Nicer than it was.

Not against it overall, it’s just I can’t read text when logged in using the dark mode I have my settings to. Bright white background doesn’t play well with my eyes.

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Thanks for that, just posted there. Rather hard to navigate when struggling to read text. Thing is text is fine whilst writing comments

Thanks, just left a comment in the thread whammel linked to above

Basic error. With eye issues part of MS for many, there must be a high proportion of visitors to the site with dark mode selected.

As mentioned by others, certain hues are unreadable with dark mode. On other sites it may be a nuisance but for a site for people with disabilities it is unforgiveable that the new site has been released without adequate testing of colour schemes in light and dark modes.

I suspect there will be some running changes along soon!

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Yes, bl…dy anoying

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It’s impossible to read on my mobile as the background is black and the text blue. Gutted

Really awful, dark blue on black is insane, can’t believe it wasn’t picked up in testing. I like the white on black when replying. Sorry if these things have already been said, I can’t be bothered to struggle with reading all the other replies!

Yay, much better dark mode now that I/we can read whilst using it :slight_smile:

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