wet room + vat

HI All, i need to convert my bathroom into a wet room, how do i go about vat relieaf with the builder and the mateirals ? Thanks in advance. Tony…

It can be a little convoluted. Basically, the builder himself can’t claim VAT relief, only you can. So the answer is generally for you to buy the materials and claim the VAT relief yourself. We ended up paying direct for a company to lay the wetroom floor as it was a little outside of the builders experience. That way we claimed the VAT relief on the floor. But we ended up just having to live with the cost of the materials he bought having VAT on them. His own services were VAT free because he’s not VAT registered.

It’s a much easier process if you have your work done by a big company who are able to sort out the VAT relief for you on individual materials and products. For example, our kitchen was installed by a larger company, they sorted out quite a few things to be VAT free. It’s only when you have work done by a sole trader that it does become much trickier. And of course, to have work done by a large company costs more, so you gain on the VAT relief, but lose on the main price.


Yes, ensure the builder is clear about your situation. I’m sure they can claim vat relief when they buy the materials or in retrospect if it’s in their stock. This may be a start

But a call to the MS society might be helpful.