Hi I’m have been diagnosed with ms recently so this is all new tome but just want to know if anyone experiences a sharp pain like standing on a piece of glass in big toe it can be so painful thanks

hi wendy

if you have been given the contact details of your ms nurse, give them a ring.

your gp may be able to prescribe a neuropathic painkiller such as gabapentin or amitriptyline.

my feet give me constant pain.

i learned mindfulness meditation which really helps.

i use bits of it now, mainly the controlled breathing.

well done for making your first post about your ms.

carole x

Hi Wendy,

I don’t have the same pain that you describe, but I do have other ones. MS creates a huge range of symptoms and one of them is pain. They are all lumped under the heading “neuropathic pain” because they aren’t caused by an external problem but by the nervous system itself that is sending the brain the wrong signals.

There are medications to treat neuropathic pain so talk to your GP about it. You don’t have to suffer.