Welcome back to limbo land

Well after being told all my symptoms were down to ‘invisible migraines’ in October here I am again. Despite being on Amytriptylene to stop migraines all my symptoms which I’ve been free of for three months are back again!! Now with the added bonus of a constant spot in the centre of my vision which is blurred / blank and tonight’s freaky Friday episode of complete instant double vision for a minute which threw me completely!!. Wasn’t completely sure of the diagnosis last time and feel like I’m starting all over again. Will the neuro listen to me this time when I see him i wonder?!?!? A big hello out to all you folks in a similar position :slight_smile:


Migraines can be strange things and can give many wierd and wonderfull symptoms.

I had a long journey to my MS diagnosis, because of the nature of my migraines.

However, things started moving when a routine visit to the optition resulted in an appointment with opthalmology and from there a neurolgy referal.

If you are having visual symptoms its may be worth a trip to the optition to see if there is anything else going on? They will be able to see any optic nerve damage, and may do a field of vision test which will show up any ‘black holes’ in your visual field.

Sorry you’re back, if you know what I mean?!

Take care


Welcome back and sorry your back Mike isn’t it? who keps is partner awake with snoring…I do apologise if I’m wrong.

My short term memory is rubbish but my longterm is usually pretty good

I hope the neuro listens to you this time.

Good luck

Blossom. Your memory is very good!!. Yes and it’s still a problem now!! Nasal strips, throat spray and decongestant is a regular night time task now!!

Trip to opticians on Saturday now so hope they can see something. No driving for three weeks till next neuro appointment and restricted duties at work again :frowning:

Its the suit Mike…I’m hoping your going to tell us that really is you

Hi again Mike :slight_smile: It’s good to have somewhere to come back to when you need it, isn’t it? This place is Limboland Harbour!! I wish you a positive and helpful appointment on Saturday.

Hahaha if only it was!!!.. My dream is to have a body like that one day!! (Yeah right!!) Might have a chance if I could ever cope with doing exercise!!

Haha, my profile pic?.. Wish it really was me!!, but actually I’m a little bigger and a lot more unfit than him!! Maybe one day I’ll get a bod like his!!

Damn phone. Keeps telling me my post hasn’t worked. Apologies for the duplication :-s

Reiki!! :slight_smile: It’s awesome yes. Feel like I can talk about my fears without being classed a hypochondriac Plus everyone on here’s so nice :slight_smile:

Well. Been to opticians a day early and they can’t see anything wrong. Said could be an optical nerve issue and have referred me to eye specialist as well as me seeing my neuro. Maybe he’ll listen to me and rethink the initial migraine without headaches or aura diagnosis.

Hello Mike

Have you had a brain scan. Maybe thats what you should be discussing with the neuro??

I’m not for one minute suggesting you have ms but there does seem to be something neurological going on. I was referred to neuro initially with chronic headaches/migraines and ended up with a diagnosis of ms…that was a complete shock.

I hope things get sorted for you.

Take care, Noreen

Blossom I had a brain op last September. There’s were some small white patches on the scan but doc not convinced was ms. Stayed was migraines but invisible ones causing the white patches. I’ve need been convinced about the migraine dx but have persevered but am struggling with work now and on half hours again. It does seem like ms. I’m hoping it isn’t but I get the feelin that’s what’s going on. Not the end of the world if I do get it. I’ve got a dad and brother with it already and they live a perfectly good life. I think it would just be a relief to finally know what’s going on!! Been to the opticians and they can’t see anything wrong with my eyes and even they questioned ms. Referring me to a specialist to scan my optic nerve / brain again Mick

Brain scan I mean!!

Maybe you should be asking for a repeat brain scan…its four months later now. Is your mobility ok…bladder/bowels…just wondering if its worth asking for a spinal scan.

What type of ms has your dad and brother got Mike? if you don’t mind m asking.

Take care, Noreen

I’m going to ask for another one. Mobility is fine but I get tired / off balance really quick. With my eyes I’m now down to five minutes on a computer before I can’t use it anymore. At work now and about to tell my boss and expecting to be sent home as there’s nothing else they can give me to do :frowning: No I don’t mind you asking. My dads got PPMS and my brother RRMS. Mick

So its Mick not Mike…sorry!!

Glad your thinking positive about potential diagnosis. So thinking about your dad and brother, does that make it fifty fifty, which type you might get? I don’t know about the statistics in relation to that.

How do you feel about whats happening with your career, or is that conversation off limits? I had to give up my career in nursing in 2006.

My daughter Emily is doing our family tree…its really interesting. Wonder if there are other males in your family with ms Mick?

Noreen x

Haha don’t worry I answer to both! I’m not sure how it works to be honest but if I do have ms looks like possibly RRMS cos I was bad last year, had a patch of good health and now bad again. I’m pretty worried about my job. I’m a bobby and although I know there are bobbies with ms it seriously restricts what I’ll be able to do if it is. BUT. Either way I’m strong enough to work through it or find a job which I can do. I decided a while bak my health is what counts. Which is why I’m off to tell my sergeant I can’t cope and am off home sick. Not sure to be honest. None that were aware of but there could be. My mum and dad do all that family history stuff ad they’ve gone pretty far back. Apparently I had a family relative who was actually called ‘MUD’!!! Mick

Mines primary progressive and compared to some peoples on here, I think I’m doing pretty well by comparison. I just take it day to day.

I bet you are worried about your job. I worked hard to get into nursing…it was hard to give it up.

Yes!! I notice from your profile your in the police force. My brother-in-law worked for west yorkshire police. He had to retire on health grounds. Were all living in bonny Bridlington now and he’s doing just fine.

You sound like a very positive man to me Mick, so I reckon you’ll cope just fine. Like you say your health is your priority right now…some sick time sounds like a good decision.

I have four brother and four sisters but there’s only me diagnosed with ms. Having said that, there are other autoimmune problems amongst my siblings. My daughter also as an autoimmune condition…I find it all very interesting.

Since my daughter started doing the family tree, we’ve found relatives in stornoway on the isle of Lewis. Were in contact and they are lovely people. Don’t yah just love technology

Noreen x