weird symptoms

Over the last couple of days I have felt as though something is scratching at my eyes. It is really annoying and I am trying not to rub them but they are really itchy! another weird thing is that my back has felt itchy but not from the outside it seem to be coming from the inside. It is so strange.

Not long before my sister was diagnosed she had a constant fluttering of one of her eyelids, but also a dark “floater” in one of her eyes that would not seem to go away.

When she was diagnosed the consultant said both these are sometimes consistent with MS, along with other tell tale signs…

Hi jactac. The eye pain is driving me mad it is constant and my eyelids feel really heavy. I am also getting floaters. Roll on January 16th when I go to see the dr.

I’m not sure if my sister had pain but she definitely had this fluttering and a floater/shadow. Both did eventually clear. From what I can gather these were pointers toward being diagnosed with MS, along with more obvious symptoms. Everyone is different though, I for instance never had these type symptoms.

Hi jactac. I am having loads of symptoms. Just been for a walk with the dog and went so dizzy that I thought I was going to fall over. Fortunatley I was on my way home.

Apparently vertigo is common amongst us. I get “woozy” spells that me feel nauseous.|+Search+|+Information&utm_term=vertigo%20ms&hsa_acc=6635963470&hsa_src=g&hsa_grp=2004637757&hsa_kw=vertigo%20ms&hsa_ver=3&hsa_tgt=kwd-49457055336&hsa_mt=e&hsa_ad=174765862538&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_cam=45961817&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3rGXuqPH5gIVi7HtCh2yJQuyEAAYASAAEgJjAfD_BwE

I have gone dizzy quite a few times at home but that was the first time I have been dizzy when I have been out of the house.

hI chick itchy eyes, can be down to allergy and can make your eyes feel scratchy too, also DRY eyes can do this. I use HycoSan as directed by my optician, i ended up with blepharitis and when i get an attack i have itchy scratchy eyes.

It got worse when they put the heating on.

itchy back could also be a pseudo itch and it can be down to nerve issues. I have itchy scalp today. my hairdresser said the other day my scalp looks red but clean and i said i know its red i keep scratching it lol, its again a nerve thing, stupid disease lol. x

Getting used to all these symptoms now. Never know what is going to happen each day!

some time ago someone posted a message about her eye problems - she had pain/scratching sensation - she assumed it was to do with her m.s. - went to the optician who found she had an ingrowing eyelash which was rubbing on her eye - optician sorted this out - maybe worth you having it checked?


It might have been me, but yes I have ingrowing eyelash from Blepheratitis, it isnt always down to MS.

I do have ON though and i have never had a scratchy eye, yes weird visual field issues, sometimes pain in the eye shooting like a knife, but not scratching.

debs re the eyes see iff you can get some eye lubricant like liqued tears i get the same from time to time its helps

Hi hillybilly. Thanks. I will see if i can get some. I am trying not to rub my eye but it is driving me nuts because it is so itchy.

hope you have a happy christmas!!

My opthamalgist told me to use hycosan, which is brilliant for dry and scratchy eyes which i have with my blepharitis. you can buy it off amazon as well. xxx

black tea. use a tea bag soak in boiling water for 5 minutes let the teabag cool down a little then use it on your eye, 3 times a day, sorts out a lot of eye issues. itchy eye can be down to dry eye or allergy as well. hope you get it sorted. x

Hi Crazy chick. The tea bag thing sounds good but I hate the smell of tea. so I won’t be trying that but thanks anyway. I hope you had a great christmas!