WAV and driving long distance

Hi all,

We now have a WAV and we have not gone very long distances at present.

How do you find it as a passenger in your wheelchair if going far. I know hubby has a headrest but it is still not the comfort of a headrest in the car seat where you can just sit back. His wheelchair is not electric and doesn’t recline.

Thanks all.


Hi Lushcaz, we’ve had a WAV for about 3 years now (Fiat Doblo) & I must admit that I do find it very uncomfortable to go long distances. I’m in a power chair & like your husband, only have the w/chair headrest which doesn’t allow me to relax, as in a normal car seat with headrest. The longest journey I’ve managed so far, is two hours. As my chair has no suspension, I find any longer is very uncomfortable…I feel every bump (pothole!) on the road as there’s nothing to cushion me.

I’ve just had a test drive in a new WAV (Peugeot Horizon) & found it so much more comfortable. Nothing will feel as good as a car seat but I’m sure this one is much better than the Doblo.

I found things slightly more comfortable in the car when I changed my w/chair seat to a canvas one, rather than a hard one. A deep gel cushion in my chair helps too.

Rosina x

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