Water bills

Hi all,

Anybody on benefit or in a low income households can apply for the water sure scheme and get a substantial discount from their water bill.

You can apply online I did and my bill has been halved.

why not give it try? I didn’t think that it would work for me,

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I will…will report back.


I`ve checked…not on any of the benefits listed so cant get a reduction.


ta for pointing it out tho`.

I didn’t know that, they don’t tell you do they?

Thanks for the heads up on this, looking at the Watersure FAQ’s. It could be useful for households on a water meter that spend over £28 on average a month on water and sewerage.

It seems different water companies charge different Watersure scheme amounts. My local water company the Watersure scheme amount is £411 a year for water and sewerage so £34 a month.

A couple of things that need pointing out, different water companies charge different amounts under the water sure scheme. A lot of people are paying far too much because these companies are greedy!

5 years ago I got a water bill for £600, I called them up and asked if they could install a meter (I new they couldn’t because I’m in a large block of council flats, they sent me a small form to fill in, I returned it, and the bill miraculously halved, I just applied for the water sure scheme, on line, and miraculously the bill halved again. 5 years ago £600 now less than £150.

Oh another thing PIP/DLA are not classed as income on the application form for water sure and are dealt with separately.

Hope this helps.

I’m hoping that everyone starts to spread the word about water sure scheme because the water companies won’t, but one question I thought of is, why isn’t this scheme advertised in places like town halls, housing offices, and CAB offices. I only found out about it though another website (not Thames Water)?