Been on warfarin for a number of years (nothing ot do with m.s.) and am looking to transfer to another anti-coagulant.

Some g.p’s very reluctant to take patients off warfarin and put on another one - possibly for financial reasons - warfarin very cheap.

Am seeing g.p. on Monday and want to get as many facts as I can re. anti-coagulants.

Before anyone on warfarin has any surgery they have to come off the drug or have a very low dose to prevent excessive bleeding.

Does anyone know if the same applies for all anti-coagulants i.e. before surgery you come off whichever anti-c you’re on?

I am on Apixaban Anti Co-Agulant and I can’t recommend it enough.

One tablet in the morning and one in the evening and no testing of my blood the same as Warfarin.

When I was in hospital and they were trying to get me on warfarin they couldn’t get my INR to the correct levels so they agreed on Apixaban. I am led to believe that cost is the main factor with Warfarin costing a few pence per month per patient against the approx £60 per month for Apixaban.

I was also informed that if you had an accident on Warfarin then they could give large doses of Vitamin K and this would null it’s effect, however, there is nothing they can do to counter the effect of the Apixaban. The good news is though that if you miss two doses then you effectively don’t have any in your body any more. If you miss a dose then you should take it asap after as long as it’s a few hours before your next. You should never double up the dose if you have missed one and it is time for the next.

The bruising doesn’t seem as bad on Apixaban, in fact it hasn’t affected me at all even though I have fallen and banged myself a fair few times.

I had to go for the camera down the throat procedure a while ago and all they told me to do was to miss the dose that morning before the procedure and then carry on again afterward as normal.

If you can get it then I definitely recommend it over Warfarin, I have a few friends on that and it’s a lot more complex and time consuming.

Hope this helps.