Want a job!

Hi, hope everyone is as well as can be . There is a job vacancy come up where I volunteer and I really want to apply, even though I have very little chance of getting it, as I have hardly any experience. My question is this, if I apply and by some miracle, get the job, can I still get ESA, or not? I will be working 15 hours a week, and will get £100. The reason I am asking, is because I know that I will not be able to live on £100 a week. I really want this job, so I at least have to try and hope that I am well enough to do it. Thanks for any information you can give me xxx

I don’t know the answer to your question, wanted to say good luck though! I’m terrified about having to start job searching, so it’s nice to see someone in a more positive situation then me. :smiley:

Hi, it looks as if it would just about fall under the “permitted work” provisions of ESA - i.e. under 16 hours AND earning less than £107.50 per week, for up to 52 weeks - or indefinitely, if you’re in the support group.

However, because it’s so borderline, you’d need to beware of any subtle increase in hours, or even a minor pay rise that took you just over the limit!

Also, I do see a pitfall here, because obviously, doing any kind of paid work, even if “allowed”, is going to undermine your claim that you need ESA, because you’re not in a position to work. I don’t know exactly how it works, because “allowed” is allowed, but surely someone will pick up on the contradiction, and ask how it is that someone too ill to work could nevertheless be working?

You may be questioned about how you are managing aspects of the job - particularly if it involves things you’d previously indicated you have difficulty with. It could be taken as evidence you have “improved” (Haha, yes, I know - MS spontaneously gets better…NOT).

So I would advise treading with caution, and possibly seeking advice from the CAB, or a disability rights advisor, before steaming ahead with this. Although you would not be doing anything against the rules, I don’t know if it would change how they view your work capabilities, and thus ongoing entitlement to benefit.


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I don’t even know if I can physically do the job. I just want it so much. I am 27 and have never had a job before. Don’t want to be on the scrap heap already. Am so depressed with how my life is at the moment. Thanks xxx

Oh why is everything so complicated. I just want to get my life to progress. Just sick of the way things are. I know there are aspects of the job that I couldn’t do, but I don’t know if they would be able to make adjustments for. Just want things to change and to do something I am passionate about and to feel like a proper grown up, and not just a fat useless lump, who is no good to anyone xxx

You should go for it, no harm in applying and testing the water.

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Don’t know if it helps but I talked to a friend in DWP about this when I was looking at permitted work. Apparently they are not interested if you are doing permitted work and in fact do not even ask the question. She is an a ESA decision maker and told me that she has never considered permitted work in any decision as it is not part of the process. Of course this slimy government will find a way to f**k us up through this route as well. Best of luck whatever you decide.


Thanks, that is worth knowing. I am still undecided about it. Don’t even know how to fill in the application form cos I have never done one before. Also, by the time I have paid for a taxi to get there, I only be taking home £40 xxx

Why not phone and talk to someone at DWP for advice?

I’ve always found them helpful- maybe I’ve been lucky. Good luck anyway.


The Access to Work scheme might help you with transport costs - I know someone who qualifies for it for a taxi covering part of her journey to work.

Good luck with applying for the job. Whatever the result it will be good experience for you and help with your confidence.

Just remember that if they say that they require specific skills you should try to give examples of them. So if they say something like “Excellent customer service sills” you can’t just say “I am excellent at customer service” you should give a specific example of when you have given excellent customer service and you can point to a result.

It doesn’t have to be an example from a job. Think of things that you have done in your life in general - charity work, social situations etc - if they are relevant they can tip the balance for you.

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Well, I have done it. I have applied. It’s wait and see time now xxx


Oh right. Didn’t know that scheme was still operating. Will have to look into it. Thanks xxx

Good stuff. Fingers crossed for you.

Thanks xxx

Great that you’ve gone for it!!! Take it one step at a time and concentrate on trying for the job first. Looks like there are lots of people here ready with advice for the next step! Good luck xxx

Well done - and keep phoning round for advice re your queries re monies and travelling etc.

good luck.

You`re brave!


Well, I have done some research, and if it doesn’t come under the permitted work scheme, then it’s a no go. Am waiting for a call back from CRB, to see if they can advise me. I Won’t be to live off of £40 a week, and won’t be able to claim working tax credits cos I won’t be working enough hours. Why is it all so complicated? i JUST WANT A JOB! xxx