Walking stick hand strap.


My Mam has just been given a coopers walking stick by her physio.

I am wondering if it’s possible to buy a strap to go over her wrist so that when she needs to use her hand it will hang on her wrist. As at the moment if she drops her walking stick she is unable to bend and pick it up.

Hope that makes sense and someone can give me a link to where I could purchase a strap


Loads on amazon search for wrist straps also any mobility site/shop

Hi the straps I found on Amazon etc seemed to be just for the cane type walking stick.

The one from the physio the stick is a lot thicker.

Personally, I recommend a Rollator as against a walking stick. Safer, more stable and quicker for getting around.

More expensive but money well spent when safety is a priority.

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The loop that goes over the stick is elasticated, I had them on thicker sticks.

surely a DIY shop could supply the bits needed for you to make your own wrist strap for your mum’s stick?

the smaller DIY shops are in general more helpful than the huge ones.

velcro could help you to fashion one yourself.

Thanks for all the advice & tips