walking recovery times

hey so i was just wondering on how far people can walk until their legs feel like there going to drop off and then how long they need to rest till they can go again?

jus wondering cos my only symptoms are in my legs and it sucks, im 26 btw and have rrms

has anyone actually improved their walking distance through any method

RRMS as well. Had a relapse last year but was ‘running’ up to 10k. Now have toned it down and keeping it below 5k if/when I stumble out! Walking not a problem post the relapse apart from the balance and having to be careful placing feet in the dark. Keep with thigh and calf building excersises (this helps me keep my fitness in the dark and rainy weeks)

Good question.

I haven’t relapsed since May 11 and walking seems to be the best its going to be.I have no idea of distance but my walk to the gp used to be 10mins max,its now 20-40 mins.

Some days I set off and walk as normal then I hit total variability after any given times. Sometimes my legs feel like I’ve pulled the calf muscles,other times its like walking with a toddler hanging off each leg,or my right foot starts turning out to the right.

I often have to stop for a few seconds and internally tell myself to walk properly.It doesn’t help really and I know when the walking itself has gone to pot I will then weave from side to side when I set off again. I dread to think what people at pelican crossings think as I can only go half way across before it starts bleeping.

The thing is in my mind if I stop trying to walk there due to embarrasment of what I must look like together with the discomfort, my abilities to walk full stop will get less and less.

I think excercise and trying to maintain what you have is important physically and mentally.

Take care and don’t forget your MonSter is unique to you so try different approaches and you will find what works best for you.