Walking like a toddler

i was diagnosed in May 18 and have a lesion on the part of my brain dealing with my coordination because of this my coordination has become dire and I really don’t know if this will improve and mend on its own

i find it hat I now walk like a toddler., is this normal?

hi careylu

i was diagnosed in 2008.

been though the toddler walking phase (wall walking and furniture surfing).

a few years ago i progressed to walking like a zombie but some days i do a good impersonation of a normal walk.

anyway if you are invited to a fancy dress, you could go as a toddler and i’ll go as a zombie!

what i’m saying is that symptoms change and sometimes get better, then change again.

physiotherapy can help correct your posture, so ask your ms nurse to refer you.

posture is very important for your walking.

carole x


Have you been diagnosed with relapsing remitting (RRMS)?

If so, then you’ve probably not yet recovered from the relapse which gave you the diagnosis.

Relapses can take months and months to remit. Often you don’t notice things are getting better until one day you suddenly realise ‘my walking’s better’.

As Carole said, ask for some physiotherapy, if you don’t yet have a physio, ask your MS nurse how you can be referred (I assume you have an MS nurse). They can give you exercises to help your walking, and to strengthen your core.

Best of luck.


Thanks yes I’ve been diagnosed with RRMS I will ask my nurse who is currently getting me lemtrada treatment I would just like some normality coordination wise, also poor hearing in one ear and eyes are fading again I had ON last year and lost sight for months