waiting to see my neuro again,how could i get in touch!!

hi everyone,i last saw my neuro last march,he sadi he would wait for my mri report and report from support with psychologist for long term neruological support.mygp is very nice ,but i don’t really get answers,i know he has recieved both reports now,but i am still left waiting,what should i do? it will be twelve months in march since i saw him,i don’t want to be lost in the system.i have in the meantime seen a back pcecilaist whom can’t help me,he left me with a question mark over fibromyalgia,and something going on underneath.going through another flare up the moment,upped the gagapentin,still taking pregabalin too,and diazapham,when back bad,and weighty feeling in my hips.

love bozxxx