Waiting in limbo land for a definite YES to MS or Other.

Hello Everyone,

I feel very emotionally and probably unsure as to what to expect of the future.

I am still waiting on the Final Diagnosis as to if I have MS. What I do know, is that, they have ruled out Parkinson’s Disease in June 2013, also they ruled out a Stroke in April 2013.

At this current time, I still get tremors in hand’s and legs, loss of balance, major fatigue, pins and needles through hands and fingers. I am also depressed, on which was diagnosed in April 2013.

I feel as if am rattling along.

It will be nice to hear your views.


Bumping this as you haven’t had a response. Please try not to worry about what might happen because it might not. Easy to say but it’s a principle I’ve clung to since 2005 when MS was first suspected. It took a year to get my diagnosis, but I had symptoms going back a number of years.

Hi there, I’m so sorry you’re still in limbo land - not a nice place to be but the majority of us have been there ‘cos the symptoms are so bloomin’ diverse and individual to the patient.

It’s no wonder you feel depressed and worried but the good news is that some major conditions have already been ruled out. Keep on going to your gp (and don’t feel as if you’re a hyperchondriac), even if it means an appointment every fortnight, for each symptom that you know isn’t normal life.

It’s essential you see a neurologist and ask him/her directly if he’s considered MS due to your experience of varied symptoms, of course it may not be MS at all.

There are many members here who will be able to give you practical advice and emotional support. I wish you well. Do not give up on going to see your gp - it’s not pestering him/her - it’s a way of you getting a diagnosis of whatever these symptoms are.

I wish you well and hope you let us know how you go on. Regards, Chris x

Hi. Just wanted it give you some support. A lot of us here know how this feels waiting within a smorgasbord of possible conditions and not knowing what answer to ‘hope for’. Take each day one at a time, and ask the questions you have. Take care K x

hi anon

ask your gp to prescribe you an anti depressant such as citalopram.

my gp prescribed this when i was going through the diagnosis procedure because he said that he knew it could be stressful and upsetting.

it just sort of keeps me on an even keel.

carole x

Hi hun, I have been in and out of limboland for many, many years…16!

I began with rapidly worsening mobility and presented as typical PPMS. But none of my 4 MRIs, 2 LPs, 2 EMGs, a VEP and other blood tests ever showed any thing to prove MS.

I was later wrongly diagnosed with PPMS for several years. Then suddeny I was told it wasnt that, but a hereditary condition called spastic paraparesis. But as there is no family history of it that we know of, I am still in a kind of limboland.

On the positive side, like you, other conditions have been ruled out, which is good, yeh?

It does sound like you may benefit from a chat with your GP…perhaps anti depressants will help…

luv Pollx