Waiting game… referred to neurology

So I am currently undiagnosed but a recent flare up of symptoms has prompted my doctor to send me for an ‘urgent’ referral to neurology. Why, well in February of this year I had tingling in my finger tips, felt like I had hit them against a wall, ouch. Over a 3 week period the tingling spread up my right arm up to my shoulder. The doctor tested my right arm and it was noticeably weaker. Although, I suffer with tingling and numbness in my hands, legs and feet this felt somewhat different. I also mentioned to the doctor increasing tightness around my ribs something that had in the previous year took me to A & E. Since the referral to neurology I now have trigeminal neuralgia.

In brief since 2009 I have experienced hand, back, leg and foot spasms. Electrifying nerve pain. I suffer with chronic fatigue, have terrible brain fog, speech and balance issues. My immune system is not great Epstein Barr virus twice, shingles (oh my goodness that was something else). I have a wheat allergy, am B12 deficient, have haemochromatosis and a form of psoriasis that flares up from time to time.

After ischemic colitis in 2015 my bowel no longer functions without medication. In fact my digestive system has shot it, acid bad enough to strip paint. Then just to wrap everything up I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Have I MS, I don’t’ know but at least for the first time it seems that the doctor is willing to consider all my symptoms as something other than fibromyalgia. Perhaps I’ll have both or not, time will tell. In the meantime I have joined the MS forum so that I can share my journey and have my hand held along the way.

a bunch of scary symptoms, I hope you are able to get a diagnosis (of whatever it is) so that you know what you are dealing with rather than the horrible limbo.

Good luck