Waiting for diagnosis


Im wondering if anyone can tell me if they have been in this position before and if they have how they coped with it.

Back in 2017 I had an MRI scan because of some issues I was having with my balance and non tonic/epileptic seizures. The MRI showed up T2 hyperintensities (lesions). I then went on to have a lumbar puncture. The results I received were a little wishy washy and the neurologist was baffled because I wasn’t presenting as an MS patient at the time. He diagnosed me with having non specific lesions and said that my symptoms must be monitored.

Fast forward to the end of 2017 I came down with shingles. I had the nerve pain in my neck for weeks but never actually came out in a rash. I now think my Gp misdiagnosed shingles and it was more to do with what is going on with my body & brain now.

Back in Sept 2018 I started with an horrendous burning in my knee which has gradually got worse and now I have nerve pain, twitching, pins and needles down my left side. (including the shingles pain) The fatigue i feel is unbelievable. My balance is bad and when i have performed the heel toe test i wobble and shake and fall to one side.

I am driving myself crazy and my appointment is 2 weeks away. I feel so ill and lacking in energy. It is interfering with my daily life and work and i just want to know what is going on.

Hi! I can’t offer any advice im afraid, but I just want to offer my sympathies and hope the 2 weeks until your appt pass quickly for you xx