Waiting for diagnosis im scared

Hi I’m a 22 year old woman and have been waiting for a diagnosis since November 2020 and I’m starting to panic.

I went in to see my neurologist last week. I had already exepted the possibility of having a diagnosis of ms through my own research and looking at my symptoms and medical history before all this started.

But this has been flipped on its head now as when I saw my neurologist instead of getting the answer I was expecting I was informed it could be one of 3 things.

MS being one of them and a quite aggressive form. The other 2 options where very rare and quite newly discovered the first one was MOG which has a better prognosis over the MS diagnosis and the other i didn’t remember/don’t want to remeber the name of as my neurologist wouldn’t go into details but it is a verry poor prognosis and allot worse than MS.

They have sent my blood to Oxford for testing for both these incredibly rare things and it could take up to 6weeks if not longer as they do the tests in batches. I’m so frightened about the outcome of the test.

I’m scheduled for a phone call on the 26th of May with my neurologist to discuss my diagnosis if the results have come back from the blood tests at oxford or if the results from my spinal fluid show the bands like in MS basically this makes it more clear its MS where dealing with and most likely not the other 2 things.

I just wanted to ask if anyone els has experienced anything like this? And what you did or would do in my situation waiting for an answer? I know some people have waited allot longer than me for answers so I should be counting my blessings. I just keep getting caught up in the chance it could be a super bad outcome.

I am so scared and anxious, I’m just starting my adult life after university and I feel like I am going to have everything taken away in the blink of an eye.

Sorry my first post on here is so down heartening. I hope I can be more positive in the future thankyou for reading x

Hello Rebecca, I know this is difficult to do but try to keep your stress levels down as this can exacerbate symptoms. Easier said than done as I know from personal experience. But you need to wait for the results of the tests before thinking the worst. Help and support will be there for you especially as you are so young. If it is MS there are new Disease Modifying Drugs that can slow the progress down so you can have a good life. I was diagnosed early in life before my degree but have coped with it for many many years. I went on to have a great career, got married, had children, lived all over the world and have had an exciting life so please don’t think your life is ruined because it might be MS it’s just something you have to learn to live with. But life can still be exciting and wonderful so try to think of all the good things - as I said I know it’s hard and I am not trying to minimise your worries as I’ve been there and it’s a hard time. I hope you get answers soon as being in Limboland is really like being between a rock and a hard place. Anyway I just wanted to let you know people are here to support you and are thinking of you and wishing you the best. ((((HUGS)))) Maz


Hi Rebecca, I’m in a similar position as you. I was in in the hospital all last week and while my neurologist has said he’s nearly certain that I have Primary Progressive MS, we are still waiting for all my test results to come back from Oxford to completely rule out other possibilities. While I feel good knowing that I’m not going crazy and there actually is something medically wrong with me (I ignored or tried to power through my symptoms for a year before seeking medical intervention partially due to stubbornness and partially due to the pandemic). It is really scary and it feels really unfair (especially when you’re young, I’m a bit older than you at 34 but still felt like I was “supposed” to be physically fit and healthy at this age) however I’m trying to approach the diagnosis process as one more way to understand my body and get the help I need rather than an end itself and it’s really lit a fire under me to start checking off my goals and doing as much active stuff as possible while I can still get around independently. Since none of us know what the future holds, it makes the most sense to try to live in the moment. I know that’s hard but I bet you’re going to discover that you’re more resilient and stronger than you ever knew. Big hugs from Bristol, -Gina