Waiting diagnosis and scared

I have had some symptoms pop up over the last year and a half. I’d been chalking up to my work as an nurses aide, I’d have pain and fatigue in my muscles, and some tingling in my feet. Around winter I started being “clumsy” and dropping stuff, hitting the wrong buttons on the touch screen at work to chart info, and my muscles will twitch/contract randomly. And embarrassingly, my bladder is out of whack. all these symptoms popping up kind of made me have a mental breakdown and I started seeing My GP and after some blood test got referred to a neurologist. I have an EMG test scheduled for August 3rd. People are trying to tell me it sounds like their fibromyalgia, but I don’t think I’m that lucky, I’m starting to get nervous, I just want an answer and treatment. I tried cymbalta but it made my skin blister in the sun(even in the car to the store) and I couldn’t sleep.

Hello, I know it is easier said than done but I would try not to worry about the ‘what ifs’ until you get your diagnosis and you know what the issue is. Once you get your answers you can find ways to deal with it and also possibly look at treatments (if available). It seems like your GP has done the right thing in referring you as this will give you an answer either way which will ease your nerves. Try to stay calm and limit your stress as this could be making you feel worse. I hope your symptoms ease off and you get the answers you need. All the best :heart_decoration:

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Hi there. I guess you are in USA, as we call Nurse’s aides, HCAs. ie…
Health Care Assistant or Auxiliary Nurse here in UK.

I also guess you are wondering if you might have MS,eh?

Your symptoms could be MS but also other things.
Let the docs do their job and hang in there sweetheart.


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