It’s not much to do with MS but I thought of it when, after cancelling physio and a home trial for my new wheelchair, I turned up at the hospital to find my neurologist 's appointment had been cancelled.

My voice became low, assertive and slightly frightening.

On the other hand, so many people talk to me like an old dear.

I have graduate, post-graduate and diploma qualifications etc. And I’m not deaf.

Steve, from a grey wet small town.

There, there, Steve. Calm down.

The way I deal with the crap is sarcasm.

Folks in paid jobs, involving care, are just on auto pilot. Waiting to get home & do their thing.

When others start treating you as dim, just say if knight C3 goes to E4. Is that checkmate?

Take care out there dude.

Terry is evolving, or revolving. I’m not sure of the difference.