Are you talking to me?


It’s not much to do with MS but I thought of it when, after cancelling physio and a home trial for my new wheelchair, I turned up at the hospital to find my neurologist 's appointment had been cancelled.

My voice became low, assertive and slightly frightening.

On the other hand, so many people talk to me like an old dear.

I have graduate, post-graduate and diploma qualifications etc. And I’m not deaf.

Steve, from a grey wet small town.

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An enjoyable read Steve. :relaxed: Voices? Tone and accent. I’m often asked where I’m from. When living in England and now, even back home in Ireland. I’ve been asked if I’m Australian, South African, Canadian, even Italian once! Apparently I definitely don’t sound Irish at all. A consultant once told me I have a "mongrel"accent! I’ve been told I sound “posh”, well educated…? One of my husband’s old work colleagues once told him “I could listen to her voice all night”. Husband delighted in responding he would soon tire of it! I confess to having a telephone voice and have a great ability to sound calm, amusing, bloody assertive and or not to be fobbed off, depending on the conversation occurring. I’m oblivious to any of this. I just sound like me!

Btw, you must have been furious to have cancelled your wheelchair appointment for nothing. What wheelchair are you getting Steve. I’m excited for you!

It’s an Invacare TDX . I cannot wait.

a very good, thought provoking piece.

thanks steve.

i was always taken the piss of for using long words, especially when i mispronounced them.

it was because i was always reading and therefore came across a written word long before i’d ever heard it spoken.

my accent is a true mongrel one.

it amuses me to see how many people think they have me sussed.

also poppy - i loved your reply.

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Ah Carole. You’ve brought a smile to my face now with a memory. I too was an avid reader and, as a young child, read the written word, Beezlebub. Years later, never having heard the word said aloud, I used the word in front of my husband. I said it as I heard it in my head. BeezleBob. To this day we can both still laugh at this. Especially as he knew someone nicknamed Diesel Dave. They would have been a great duo, Beezle Bob and Diesel Dave! Sorry Steve, over to you. I had a look at the chairs on Google. Quite a chariot! Enjoy it x