Voice activated phone calls

I need to find a device that can activate a Careline phone number by voice only, in an emergency. Thank you

I use my Alexa pod with WIFI to contact my mobile contacts in an emergency in case I can’t get to my mobile. Call Careline to see if their systems will work with Amazon Alexa. Paul

Thank you Paul for your reply. I will telephone Careline after the Bank Holiday. I have been looking at the Alexa Echo but thought that the Echo would only be able to telephone contacts that are also linked to Alexa. Thank you for your guidance…kind regards Ann

my friend is getting to the stage when they will be unable to use their phone handset. they will then be totally isolated. does anyone know of an easy to use, not too expensive, alternative which will be easy to learn? it will need to be hands free to call and answer thanks

Look at the Apple iPhone SE.

It would need a second person to put the entries in and charge it up, but the voice actuation is good. Provided the person is in the contact list, a few words will get it calling them. I think there is a stand so that the phone is held almost upright.
I have not bothered as my phone is always, always, in my shirt pocket where I can get it if I fall (have not needed to phone for help for over a year).


Thank you. I will check it out. Helen