Vitamin D Article - Any thoughts.

Hi everyone Hope you’re all ok and able to cope through all the storms hitting around the country at the moment. Read this Boost Vitamin D levels in winter to protect the body and mind | the other day and have since decided to give it a go. Seems all of us in the UK don’t get enough sunshine (no, really) so boosting your intake through the autumn & winter months may help. All the best. Paul

Hi Paul,

I don’t think the article really contained anything new or exciting.

It’s been known for years that many, or even most people this far north struggle to get enough vitamin D during the winter months, as sunlight is by far the most important source.

When you talk about “giving it a go”, what do you mean, exactly? Supplements, or diet? I think it’s very hard to get enough through diet alone, and that is part of the problem. How much eggs or oily fish can you eat? A lot of people here take supplements, as the evidence is now almost overwhelming that low vitamin D is a causal factor in MS, although it’s not yet clear to what extent it can reduce or prevent further damage, once the disease has already started. Most sources agree you should be supplementing, but the more difficult question is how much, as recommendations vary.

Ordinary over-the-counter strength that you can buy in chemists, supermarkets and health food shops shouldn’t pose any risk to health, but it is possible to overdose on the much higher doses some people with MS order specially. It’s not a good idea to take very high doses without having your vitamin D levels regularly monitored, as you may be taking too much.

Sadly, I don’t think you will get enough just by eating more eggs and fish.


Hi Tina Being relatively recently diagnosed I’m still learning loads. I’ve started an over the counter supplement, as has my wife, as diet alone wouldn’t be sufficient to boost Vitamin D levels. Taking only the RDA until I’m told otherwise. Not as a cure for anything but an aid to feeling better generally. Just thought I’d share on here in case other new members of the MS club didn’t know how affective / important sunshine was, apart from the obvious feels good factor. :wink: Cheers Paul

Hello Paul

If you are worried about your vitamin D levels, then my advice is to get a blood test taken at your doctors before taking supplements.

Take care x

Hi Paul I’ve just started taking D 3 just as a supplement and felt the benefit straight away it just made me feel better. I started taking them as the weather has been so bad and was feeling low because. I miss the sun. I am only going to take them for a short time as you can have too much. Regards Linda .

Hi Paul

The standard advice is always get a blood test for D3 before you start, and then get it checked every year. Some would advise a six-monthly check.

I have been taking 2400iU daily. Yesterday my MS Nurse asked if I was taking any, then how much, then advised me to double my dose for the winter months - the question of what my last blood test was did not come up!


Hi, For anyone interested in Vitamin D it is fat soluble, which i understand means it should be taken with a meal or with something like an omega 3 fish oil in order for it to be absorbed by the body. My neuro recently recommended i take at least double the daily rda during the winter months. Hope this is useful and appropriate.