Vitamin D and Vitamin B12

Just wondering who takes a vitamin D and vitamin B12 supplement? And what dose do you take?

Hiya Kerry, I have just started taking vit d, and b12, dont have the bottles in front of me but the b12 is an under the tongue one, quite a high dosage from the health food shop. The vit d, ive been taking 25mg (1000 units) but infact the ms nurse came to see me yesterday and said it should more like 4 times that, but to get it from the doc, and dont just do it on my own as its a high dosage. hope that helps!

sophie xx

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I take SOLGAR 1000 Methylcobalamin B12. 1/day and SWANSONS 5000Vitamin D 1/day. Buy both from Amazon and they’re good value. My neuro recommended the 5000vit D years ago. He told me that that dose of vit D is elevated enough without being a risky level. He doesn’t think I need to check my levels. he doesn’t think it necessary to take much higher doses than that as it can introduce other problems longer term. Some doctors don’t even think it necessary to take extra vitamin D but they are in the minority now with regards To MS. My children take 2000 Vitamin D /day. For your own interest I would try and get a blood test before you start to get an idea of your baseline but after a while of using you get a feeling if your levels drop low ( my experience) usually about Feb/March and I’ll take an extra bit until I feel my ‘mojo’ coming back.

Hi ginsozzled! I am interested inwhat you said about your children taking vit d. My son is 13 and im terrified in case he gets ms, did the doc advise you to give it to your kids for this reason? x

I take 4000IU D3 daily; 2 in the morning, 2 in the evening. It might reasonably be deemed a high dose, but not excessive and thus not dangerous. I have heard of those taking mega doses of 10 to 20 thousand IU!

And i have a sub-lingual B12 tablet, only 250mcg (i think) once daily. Don’t swallow B12 tabs, your body cannot digest and assimilate it.

Hi many neuros advise to take 4,000 or 5,000iu vit D a day to get the levels up.

Prof G on the Barts MS Blog follows the vitamin D Council’s advice of 5,000iu a day. Aiming to get the levels over 100nmol/L.

My MS nurse suggested 5,000iu a day though I am at 122 nmol/L (tested last month) and take between 1,000 to 2,000iu a day. I eat oily fish, eggs, mushrooms and walk most days outside.

On the BBC today there’s an article about vitamin D and MS. Low vitamin D genes linked to MS.

oh yes! you have to remember to sun bathe your mushrooms!

I take a relatively modest 2400iu of D3 daily.
My MS Nurse wanted me to double this in the winter (no sun of course).
My Neuro called for a blood test last summer and was pleased that I was at the high end of “normal”, because this was where he liked to see people with MS.

Just remember that regular tests are advisable to see that the D3 level does not go too high.
Also remember that former contributor here, rizzo, got some very bad side effects after taking at the level of 10,000iu daily, while others can tolerate more without a problem.


hey paolo, keep seeing references to your sunbathed mushrooms!!! explain please!!! xxx

I’d asked my neuro about giving supplements to my kids a few years back and he was adamant I should. He felt 2000 was a good dose so that was that. He feels strongly that it can lower their risk.

I was taking 5,000IU vitamin D a day. Vitamin D was recommended by my Neuro, as the blood test showed I was below normal. I also take multi-B vitamin and extra B7 and B1 (figuring as the B vits are water soluble there would be no harm in taking extra!). The B vits are self-prescribed, and only at the dosages recommended on the bottles (I use Swansons).

Since then, my GP has prescribed me a 7 week course Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) 20000 IU. 2 tablets once a week for 7 weeks, then 2 weeks later I have to have another blood test. I’m not sure how taking a mega-dose once a week will make a difference to taking (roughly) the same dosage equally split through the week, but I hate taking tablets, so 2 instead of 7 is a win for me!

The oral spray Vitamin D3 is more efficient. lt gets straight into the bloodstream - not flushed out with your food. l get my spray from amazon - lt is minty tasting. They also do one for babies and infants.

get your lovely fungi and lay them out under the sunshine upside down (ie. with their gills facing the sun).

whether you leave them there for 30 minutes or half and hour, they will end up bulging with vitamin D. and the fancy thing is, apparently, they can be stored up to the point of being frozen and the vit D will remain.

and when time to munch, you could cook by any method and still most / all of the vitamin will be there for your absorption!

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