Vitamin B tablets

I or rather my wife bought me some vitamin B tablets from Holland and Barratt about six months ago. I basically forgot about about them and after taking two or three they went on the shelf and have just sat there. I was wondering because I have stinky wee maybe a vitamin supplement may help change it. I drink gallons ot tea coffee and water and eat a reasonable diet but my pee stinks and every time I get it tested for UTI it comes back clear so what can I do. I have tried cranberry juice fruit juice Apple Cider Vinegar YUK thats gross and other remedies so wish me luck.

Good news our daughter in law is home for the summer bad news our son cant get any leave but it was great to be surprised by her three days early, our daughters new but kept the surprise so that cheered me up.

I too have stinky wee but I believe it is because I take vitamin B everything from biotin to B12 they are water soluble so what isn’t needed is excreted.

Not a pleasant aroma but hey I’m trying!


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vitb 12-i used to take capsules but mum has just had a heart valve replacement. vitb 12 deficiency for 30+ years which contributed to the issues.

her tummy couldnt absorb it (3 of her siblings arethe sam, inc me) so i take the vitb 12spray-also by h/b

i have taken high strength cranberry caps and have only had 4 uti’s in 15yrs

spoonful of cider vinegar every morning.

water best to drink, tea and coffee i understood are stimulants and irritate bladder.

as a trained barista who loves coffee i limit self to one cup daily (i really try to!) that should say ex barista!


Hi Hoppity

I don’t know about smelly urine and vitamin B capsules but from time to time my urine is smelly and this has happened since stopping the self catheter (I had so many infections that I stopped doing it). I too get it tested and it always comes back clear.

I take it that it’s caused by stale urine staying in the bladder so I try to drain as much as possible by leaning forward to try and empty bladder. Don’t know if this does anything but the smelly urine seems to go…

Also don’t drink anything that has caffeine in, drink lots of water first thing and then Rooibos tea throughout the day and yes I take a vitamin B complex every day.

Wendy x

Thanks folks I forgot to take the tablet today and it still smells

I wish I could stop it but hey ho things could be worse. I have had a great day finished off with our daughter arriving with a doggie bag (box actually) full of seafood. It was her hubbies birthday and they had eyes bigger that their bellies so Heather and I came to the rescue.


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