does anyone with ms have vitaligo also???

Hi Moggie,

The answer to your question is a big yes,there is a few of us on the site.

Most of it can be controled,anti sickness pills,and antihistamine,normally for hay fever.

If all that fails then it is best just to lie down,till it passes.

Better of talking to your MS nurse,if you have one,and your doc.

Hope you find something to help soon.

Take Care.


I think you are getting muddled up with Vertigo!?? i mean vitaligo, a skin condition. But thnks for your reply, had vertigo before and ust awful . you take care xxx

l think you might mean Vitiligo - its when the skins natural ‘melanin’ is not working - and you get white patches. You have to avoid sunshine as it makes it worse. Which means you would need even more vitamin d3. There is no known cure - ex highfactor sunscreen - and sometimes cortico-steroids are often prescribed - also camaflage cream. lts distressing if its on your face - you often see it on peoples hands.


Oh crikey!

What planet is my brain on?! I was wondering what difference using Vitalite made to MS. Sorry!

Hope someone can share their experience with you.

Ellie x

Hi Moggie,

My brain must be as muddled as Ellie.

Thought you where talking about vertigo.

So pay know attension of my post.

Hope someone can help you.

Take Care.


Ps school report,must do better.