Visit to Works Doc

I have been off from work now for 3 months on sick leave due to headaches and problems with my bladder retention. Last month had to go to see the works doctor with regard to my sickness absence. I have Relapsing Remittance MS.

My own GP has given me a return date of nxt month so I have been sent another appointment from the works doctor to review my return to work. Just wanted to ask the advice of all my friends out there. On my previous visit I was asked the question by the works doctor “How long do you intend working for?”… I didnt really know what to say, I was quite taken back by it and think I replied “As long as possible”… Does anyone out there think thats a bit OTT… at the end of the day, how long does anyone intend working for, no-one knows whats round the corner do they… I came out of the room and felt a bit upset about it, as I think I’ve been doing quite well… havent had a long period of sick before this for a long time… he really got to me… Anyway as I said i’m going back, does anyone think I should say something about the comment he made to me on my last visit? Thanks, any replies greatfully received x

It’s a little after the fact now but your immediate response should have been ‘that’s a ridiculous question, I intend to work until I’m 65 years old but as you should know this depends on your profession finding a cure.’ ‘It is also dictated by a complete unknown; if my MS progresses so your guess is as good as mine.’

As I suggest with all people who gets bad headaches look at it’s perhaps a possibility and can be controlled easier than MS.



I agree it’s an unreasonable question. Not everyone chooses to stop working due to MS - or has to. It’s a: “How long is a piece of string?” question.

Personally though, I’d leave it in the past, unless it crops up again. I think any complaint needs to be raised either at the time, or very shortly afterwards. If you go to a separate second meeting, and begin by airing grievances about the first - which you have never previously mentioned - you won’t get off to a very constructive start, and it may well undermine any positive value you might have got from this second meeting.

I would treat it as new day, new meeting, and see how it goes. But IF similar comments crop up again, you need to make it clear that’s an impossible question, because (i) It’s not automatic that everyone with MS gives up working, and (ii) Even if it was, how could you possibly be expected to predict the timescale in your own case?


Thanx for your posts … xx