Good evening everyone perhaps you can help

Yesterday and today i have felt awful and, last week i travelled to and from work with a workmate who procedded to couge and spluter over everyone while we all pleaded with him to go to the doctors which he did go to the docs who diagnosed him with a virus which he was given meds for but kept coming to work.

I have now got the same cough and temperatures, i thougght you could not catch a virus but i have the same symptons, is it because my imune system is not as stromg as used to be?

I have pleaded with him not to come in to work when he is ill as i tend to pick things up very easily now but to no anvail.

The thing is i do not get paid if do not go in to work unlike my coleague who does, selfish but what can you do.

Is it possible that i have picked up this bug from him? i know anything is possible but feel like it is all stacked up against me at the moment, so a little moan helps.

Not liking this ppms one bit then again there is nothing to like.

On a happier note went to see the dragon boat racing at the weekend at Home Pierpoint in Nottingham, if you have not seen it, is worth watch the access to the lakeside is very good and there is paths all round, no problem for wheelchair access.

Sorry about that, you all take care

Cheers Markxx

Hi Mark, you CAN catch a virus. In fact they are easy to catch esp if someone is spluttering all over you! Flu for instance is a virus.

Many people with MS don’t catch a lot of viruses because our immune systems are in ‘battle mode’ the whole time. Our immune systems think that the damage caused by MS is a virus or a bug. Because of that a virus or bug are often killed off as soon as they get into our systems.

However, if one does get through, as a virus has with you, it can make life difficult. MS symptoms can be much worse when you body is also trying to deal with a virus.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. Antibiotics do not work on a virus (people often think they do… but they are wrong. Antibiotics only work on infections which are a different thing entirely). There is a group of drugs called antivirals but I don’t think they will give you them for a cold. Not sure. Might be worth seeing you GP.

You are going to have to get through it somehow. Rest as much as you can. Drink Lemsip. Drink lots of water. (Get a job that pays you when you are sick??? Sorry that’s probably much easier said than done).

Glad you enjoyed the boat races.

Pat x

Thanks Pat, we can always rely a sensible response from yourself.

Jaguar/Landrover don’t want to givea contractor with illness like ours and who has also has had a stroke a job as it might result in having to pay us sick pay.

I have worked as a contractor for JLR for 11 years, no benifits but at leastit is a job and i do it although i am short time.

now (my choice)

We just keep on smiling…

Take care


PPMS is a very nasty infection. From what I believe, starts as a viral attack when young, which incubates in your system over several months for some and decades for others. When you get it, its like a creeping painful rigamotice throughout your body.

As part of the human community, there are all sorts of virus’s kicking around and we are all susceptible to the commonalility of attack. For some who are attacked, they need and feel their obligation, to be alone, for others they are desparate to be continue with their lives and be with others.

If we were all perfect, we would lock ourselves away and so reduce infectious contact. Unfortunately we are not perfect and our hearts stretch out for communion and comfort.

Be assured, I’m just about self employed. I do not work if I cannot get to the bathroom and get my clothes on. You are not alone in this hell…

I know what you mean but we just have to get on with it one day at a time, just sometimes it is harder than others. Lemslip and a good nights sleep might help, moan over for today.

Hope your health stays on the right side of good

take care


Hya Mrbup, PPMS, like all types of MS, is not infectious. It is not a virus or an infection. There is no way you can pass it on to someone else. Lots, in fact loads of research has been done into MS over the years and there is no way that any type of MS is infectious.

Just wanted to clear that up.

Pat x