Hardly ever catching viruses

Hi everyone Do other people find they hardly ever catch bugs that are going around? Or is it just me and nothing to do with my (active) MS? I have three children, one still at primary school. This year we’ve had four nasty illnesses in the house. I did get the committing bug but not badly. All the rest, I’ve missed completely - my husband has had two of them really badly. I’m on Tysabri but still deteriorating and I wonder whether my immune system is still in overdrive. Views/experiences?

Should have been vomiting bug not committing bug, sorry


I don’t get anything either (touch wood or maybe if I did get stuff the MS wouldn’t be a problem) and I’m not on DMDs

I attribute it to the vagaries of MS


Hi I get everthing that’s going & it takes an age to shake it off still getting over a cold that I had over Christmas! Sue

I never get anything either (been on Tysabri nearly a year now) - but even before diagnosis I never got coughs colds or anything… strange hey? I wonder if someone will be along to give us the real reason for this…

Hi Sewingchic, I’m another who doesn’t ever get anything (well… very very rarely). This has interested me since I’ve had MS and I wonder if any research has been done on it as some MSers get everything and others, like us, get nothing.

I asked the same question on here a few years ago and really it’s a mixed bag.

Apparently it’s because our immune systems are hyperactive (an MS nurse told me this). It’s sort of in full battle mode fighting the MS (which it thinks is a foreign body), so that if any virus gets in it is immediatly killed off (this is a very dumbed down explanation so apologies!).

It does seem great never getting a virus, but actually is a sign of a very ‘challenged’ immune system. Normally the immune system should sort of be dormant and only get busy when a foreign body gets in (virus or infection).

Unfortunately it does mean that if you do get a virus it really hard on the body. I got flu about 5 years ago and really thought I was dying. Took about 2 months or so to recover (I now have a flu jab yearly and would advise anyone with MS who doesn’t normally get virus’s to do the same).

It’s such an interesting question and would be good to know if any research has been done as it possibly shows something about MS! Also I think it shows that certainly for some of us MS is an auto immune condition which I know some people question.

Pat x


I tend to get colds quite often but other than that I don’t seem to pick things up.


Hi, I never seem to catch anything either, in 18 years at my current workplace I could count on one hand the number of days I have had off sick, one of those was just last year. However my husband, who doesn’t have ms has a similar sick record to me and my 11 year old son has only ever had one abscense from school. So maybe it has nothing to do with ms. Cheryl:-)

Always feel well m s wise when incubating something. It’s as if the virus I’ve picked up supercedes the m.s.

Think it’s all the vitamins and supplements I take, and the fact I avoid anyone with bugs and

use antiseptic wipes about the place.

Keep well,

Jen x

I rarely get colds or viruses, I never have really. I put it down to the fact that we have super immune systems (that are too good because that’s what attacks the myelin and causes MS), MS has to have some ‘benefits’ I suppose (although i’d much rather not have it!).

Naomi x

I asked my neuro this sort of question. I asked, if my body is producing white blood cells to fight off a percieved threat of my myeline coating on my spinal cord (i.e. ms). Does that make me more susceptible to illness & infection or less?

His answer was that it makes no difference.

My logic was seesawing between if my body is already defending itself from a fake threat it would be less able to combat an additional threat. Or…since my body was already devoting resources to immune system defence, it would be on a higher state of alert and react quicker.

I have concluded I get ill less often because I spend more time at home, I see less people and am less often in an environment where I may contract an illness from somebody else. I’ve had one cold in the past 18 months that I can remember.

People with other auto-immune diseases (Crohns, Lupus etc) tend to also have fewer viruses. I cleaned up after my 4 children, and husband after the novo virus (serious vomitting and diahrrea etc) and didnt get it. They have also has serious colds recently and my husband coughing and spluttering in bed - still I have not got anything! I am in Limbo land possible Ms but am now been tested for lupus.


I guess that I a mone of the really lucky ones as ever since I can remember I have very rarely been taken ill with virus (flu, cold etc). The only time I can truly recall is whenI was 13 for about 3 days off school. If I do get a get virus I usually get it very mildly and have thrown it off with in 24-36 hours. The last time I had a virus was probably almost 20 years ago!


I am sorry to say I get everything thats going round probably cause I work in an office were people come in with colds etc. I have recently started on copaxone so might see a difference, but last year I had 3 colds all lead to ear and chest infections and the sickness bug twice. It took an age to get over each one. I got my flu jab thankfully in November and will continue to get it every year.



The last time i thought i had a cold i was having a relapse, looking back at last year i never once got a cold. But i do think that has more to do with the extra vitamns supplements i take. Before my ms symptoms started i would get a cold about 4 times a year. Would be great if ms has stopped me getting a cold, but i imagine i will get the flu now i said it…


I rarely get anything these days, I am on Betaferon but don’t seem to have gone down with colds etc for years before dx. It does seem that people with autoimmune diseases either are permanentely ill with with colds and coughs or like me and some of my friends with ms hardly ever catch anything.

Wendy x

Don’t know if this is anything to do with my immune system being on high alert but since June 2012 (1st dx) I’ve been taking Vit D3 and Omega 3&6 religiously every day I haven’t even had a sniffle, when before I would catch colds, flu and stomach bugs from family, friends and work colleagues.

I’m due to discuss preferred treatment (Rebif) with the Neurologist on 27th Feb so I’m really hoping I don’t start suffering with colds and flu once I begin taking Rebif - I am aware that flu like symptoms are one of the side effects though

Pen xx