Villains and fools


Today I write as an armchair satirist.

Today’s blog starts with politics (naturally) and the moves to the personal; this has great significance for me in the way that I’m viewed as a disabled person. It may chime with your thoughts too.


I read it Steve , but my cognitive abilities arnt great and I steer clear of politics. It made interesting reading , there is a lot of injustice on this world . I hope you are having a nice day it’s dull and grey in Frodsham. I’m sat in front of the fire in my dressing gown. I’m tired I’ve tried to do a few things today but now I’m shattered. I’ve lost a carer but I’m relieved , she wasn’t right, I’m just trying to muddle along, my sister is coming up to help me sometime this week. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Yes, it got a little surreal towards the end but we are living in some very scary times. Whilst reading it BBC news showed a clip of Tresemme talking about Russia (possibly the most sensible thing I’ve heard her say in a while) and then Bryan Cranston (actor from Breaking Bad), he was actually talking about what scary times we’re living in.

Between inappropriate sexual behaviour in politics and Hollywood (which most women have always been well aware of!), politics in general (a man that thinks it’s OK to assault women, is the most powerful man in he word)…

Time for bed as I’m losing my thread, so I’ll say goodnight. Good read tho x

Lovely rant Steve. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope it was as much fun to write as to read.


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