Viking theory

Anyone interested in the Viking theory I just found this in my archives;


So all I see is an introductory paragraph, and the table of stats. Where’s the rest of the article? I thought it was going to suggest why Sicilians might be at greater/growing risk.

As an aside, I’m sure I remember reading that people with a Scottish “Mc” or “Mac” surname had a higher risk of MS, even if they weren’t born or brought up in Scotland. This suggests the high prevalence in Scotland is at least partly genetic, and not just geographic/environmental (lower sunlight etc.)

I don’t know how much Scottish blood is also Viking blood. Commonsense says the Viking contribution to the gene pool would be higher in Scotland than “dahn Sarf”. So I don’t know if the Mc/Mac findings and the “Viking Theory” are actually different presentations of the same thing.


Hi all, my ‘surname’ is Stout - not of Scottish origin although I am definately Scottish (frae Dundee) but the name (my grand-parents) are from Orkney/Shetland.


SForr some unknown reason the short version appears on Google. The full version appears if you use Internet Explorer.

Hey George and Marcus

I’ve read something about this before…im also Scottish, of a Mac surname and grandparents from orkney/shetland islands too…although i am the only person in my family with MS. Vikings settled in Orkney from Norway; in Norway there are higher rates of MS inland than there are on the coast, probably due to vitamin d from the sun and diet

There’s also some research out there relating to your birth month…women pregnant over winter months will absorb less vitamin d into the womb. Obviously if you live in Scotland your chances of sunshine are lesser still :slight_smile: