Views on working and careers please

Hi all,

Sorry, my 2nd post of the day…mind is doing overtime at the moment and I’ve spent much of my Friday evening (rock on!) reading (and finding comfort in) posts in this forum.

I think it’s fair to say, I’m struggling a little. The physical struggles I can deal with, I think (see previous post), but the old ‘crazy mind/thoughts’ are starting to creep in and that’s whats starting to make me feel a little lost and confused.

I’m wondering what others view is on work. I currently work in a rather stressful and demanding job and have a long daily commute - my Dr’s have advised I make some ‘major life style changes’ - I’m only 26 and don’t and won’t accept I cannot work - but I wondered what others advice would be on work - and if others are on a period of sick leave throughout their diagnosis stage?

Any help greatly appreciated


Hi Nats,

No need to apologies for your 2nd post, it’s what the forums here for.

Sorry to hear you are struggling although I think it happens to most of us. There is always so much to consider and it can be such a flurry of thoughts that you don’t know if you’re coming or going…I think you’ve hit the nail on the head saying your lost.

I was diagnosed a few years ago but didn’t take sick leave, I worked through it as I probably would have gone stir crazy thinking about everything. As it was, I done lots of thinking in all my free time and like you found comfort in the MS forum. I still work and have a long commute and work in a role where it can be quite stressful. I still work full time, I make a deal with myself not to get stressed out (easier said than done) and not to work long hours. In total I’m doing a 12 - 13 hour day including commute. One thing I’ve done regarding my career is to just go for it on my terms and so I’m now working towards things I wouldn’t necessarily have done previously.

When was you diagnosed and how long is your working day??