Vibrating nipple

Since yesterday I have experienced many brief episodes of very light vibration behind my left nipple, lasting around four to eight seconds at a time. At first I thought it was a feeble (low battery) cell phone vibration in my shirt pocket. At the moment it is repeating at less than one minute intervals, but intervals have been much longer at other times. It reminds me of an eye twitch that affected me earlier in the year. I had a minor eye operation (bleb needling) yesterday but dont think this can be related. Any ideas?

Vibration sensations are a common MS symptom. I’m sorry, I can’t remember where you are in relation to diagnosis - whether you’re a diagnosed person or not.

The location of the vibration is not especially significant, as it can be pretty much anywhere.

I’ve got to warn you that some of my relapses have begun with initially very mild vibration symptoms - in fact I thought there was something wrong with the central heating pump, that was making the floor vibrate. I never thought the sensation could be coming from inside me, not outside!

However, this does not mean you are definitely beginning a relapse. If nothing came of the eye twitch, nothing might come of this either.

Stress can be a contributor to many MS symptoms, so even though the op you had was minor (my mum had a similar one last year), it can’t have been particularly pleasant (I don’t think anything on your eyes ever is), so it’s possible that has aggravated things slightly.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for in the way of ideas. I don’t know of any self-help remedy that fixes it. Vibration symptoms are caused by faulty nerve signals, and can be dampened down my some prescription medicines, but if it stays mild and painless, that may not be a route you particularly want to go down.

I found distraction tactics can work, up to a point. i.e. it won’t make the vibration go away, but if you get very absorbed in something, you might not notice it as much. I found the vibrations seemed worse if I was bored, basically, or trying to sleep - in either case, not much other sensory stimulation. So you might be able to take your mind off it if you allow yourself to become engrossed in something.

I know it might sound quite simplistic to say: “Keep busy!”, but if you don’t want to go trotting off to the doctor’s for pain meds for something (at the moment) so mild, you might try just blotting it out with other stuff.


Thanks Tina for your insightful comments, I am not diagnosed. Just wanted to know if it was a familiar experience to users of the site and if any history of association with MS. Not planning to see a doc as it is no trouble, just weird and slightly intrusive!


Stay vigilant, just in case it’s a precursor to anything more dramatic, and needs reporting.

If it just stays as it is, I shouldn’t think it would qualify as a “clinically significant relapse”, by any any twisting of that phrase. It might be worth keeping a record it happened, so you can inform the neuro there have been some mild interim symptoms, next time you see him anyway.


Thanks, I don’t keep a record as such but as I air significant symptoms on these boards, it would be easy to do so retrospectively by going through my posts,.all conveniently dated.


Hi Bob,

I have used it for similar but slightly different reasons!

I was pondering: “Hmmm…when did I last raise my Gabapentin?”

Then remembered: “I’m sure I posted about it: I can have a look and work it out!”