Vehicle access..

Hi, I’m in the market for a new car and I’d like one with a higher driving position, qashqai etc. However, my mum has one and I can’t get in it by myself because I can’t bend my legs at the knee to get in. Is there any adaption to help with this problem. I was thinking like a step?? Any ideas… Thank you.

You can have steps fitted…they look rather nice Ill go find some to show you

Here you go qashqai side steps - Bing images You need to make sure you get the right ones, qashqai or qashqai + 2 , and the year makes a difference Lynn xx


Have you ever tried driving your mum’s car?

I ask because an SUV (by any manufacturer) is a completely different beast to an ordinary saloon or hatchback.

The first thing I would do is choose my next vehicle from the Motability website. I would then enquire what adaptations could be made and explain to the adaptations company exactly what my difficulties were. They’ll be able to advise what they can do for you, or what adaptations would suit ytyou best.

(I’m assuming your new car would be through Motability and you receive the highest rate mobility component of DLA ?)