Various symptoms - misdiagnosing

Hi everyone, I’m posting on behalf of my mum. She has had various symptoms starting approx 2 years ago. Initial symptom was inflammation of the optic nerve & disc which was treated with steroids, opthamology stated that they felt the cause may have been autoimmune but failed to refer her, the eye problem can flare up from time to time. At the beginning of the year she had problems with her shoulders & arms, pain, numbness, tingling & weakness which seemed to improve then come back, this last happened 8 weeks ago were it became very severe & she could not lift her arms above her head or behind her back & the developed a tremor which is worse when attempted to do things such as pressing a button or turning on a light,she also has problems swallowing from time to time, even fluids. She was hospitalised 3 weeks ago with confusion & memory loss, she had various tests including an mri which did show up changes on the brain but to be honest she didn’t get any clear answers, first neurologist said there had been loss of fluid but I don’t feel there was a clear diagnosis. She was noted to have a weakness on the right side with numbness on the outer part of her limbs (It’s the right eye that has the problem too). She is due to see neurology again at the end of January but I just feel we are going round in circles with no clear answers. I feel she has alot of the symptoms of MS but as yet it has not been mentioned. Sorry for such a long post, I guess I’m just looking for advice. Thanks xx

Hello Angela

That all sounds really frightening for you.

If your mum has had an MRI and seen a neurologist, with a repeat appointment within a month, then I would imagine MS would perhaps have been considered.

When she has her next appointment, perhaps you could go with her? Write down all the symptoms she’s had and all the questions you want to ask and make sure the neurologist knows you are concerned about a diagnosis, in particular the possibility of MS.

You do need to remember that MS shares a lot of symptoms with other diagnoses. So your mum may have symptoms that make you think of MS, but it might not be.

I wish you all the best.