Desprate for some advice from ppl misdia back in 1990sM

hi im hoping to get some insight , I was dia with MS over a year ago after severe symtoms. My problem is not regarding me but my mother in law , after watching her over the years and hearing about her past history im wondering if its possible she may have ms but no one has picked up on this.

I plan on taking her to the docs to get a diagnosis for her problems which have been fobbed off over a space of 20 years , slowly but surely she is becoming worse and more disabled as time passes

history back in 1990s she collasped suddenly next day her speech was stuttered and she had severe weakness down one side this of course was automatically seen as a stroke but upon inspection they said a mini stroke but they couldnt be sure

2 years later above happened again but again they couldnt be sure

fast forward to when i got to know her back in 2006 , i noticed her speech was stuttered she had to think for long periods before she spoke and just couldnt say some words , i regrettable thought she was a bit daft because she couldnt learn new things had memory problems and couldnt really read or write beyond the standard of a seven yr old.

few years later she lost her speech but only her speech this carried on for two weeks ct scan was preformed and all they told her was she had a neurological disorder that was it no follow up no meds

fast forward to more recent problems she was dia with r arthritis in her shoulder and neck after suffering quite a bit of pain this took them months to diagnosis

she also has been diagnosised with copd this may not be rel but they didnt actually find anything on xray and she repeatedly catches chest infections severe coughs etc

her hand have pins and needles with little feeling to heat and severe senseitivty to water ( this is one of my own sym)

she has constant pain in left leg , has had problems swallowing suffers from sever migraines has been in hospital for these suffers from depression and fatique has weak grip tightness in chest seems to me to have the “fog brain” and all these syt get worse with stress

also the "strokes " have been after major life events aka deaths in the family

my questions is has anybody been dia with any of the above or suffered any of the above been misdiagnosised for it to come back as MS

or am i simply looking into this too much being a sufferer my self , and because she has problems remembering she asked me to come with her to the docs how would i potray this too him without looking like a know it all , im very worried about her and how this is affecting her life

thank you in advance sorry for spelling mistakes